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Phyllis is a self-starter Web designer/developer and graphic artist, who uses the latest technologies, software applications and personal innovation to find fresh solutions through research, communication skills, hard work and dedication to project completion. During her employment at the University of Central Oklahoma, she has been responsible for numerous publications, training co-workers in new software applications, designing a Website, becoming proficient in new software applications and becoming the software guru/troubleshooter for her department.

This is the "New Look" for Pennicole Graphics. A new logo, color scheme and content mark the next step in Phyllis' growth as a Web Design professional. Stay tuned for more great innovations and additions.

Redesigned Francis Tuttle home pagePhyllis did a redesign of the Francis Tuttle home page as part of an assignment to compare the old site with several other technology centers and then come up with a good redesign that would update the old page with a more modern and appealing page for visitors. The image to the left links to the page containing the "old page" and the new page. Part of the project called for making the graphic into a working prototype page. This took quite a bit of research and planning. Phyllis received a Qwack Award in Spring 2009 for this redesign project.

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